The Poster Competition

The Poster Competition provides an opportunity to expose and discuss novel work in particle technology, and an opportunity to meet others with overlapping interests. An author of a limited number of posters will have the chance to give a short 'elevator pitch' (5 minutes maximum) to introduce the work to the conference in advance of the poster sessions. All poster presenters are automatically entered into the poster competition, with prizes for the best poster and runner-up.

N.B. The poster size is limited to a maximum width of 1 metre. Posters can be A0 in size ONLY if they are portrait in orientation. Posters A1 is size can be portrait, or landscape, in orientation.

Elevator pitch presenters:
1. Laudina Duffus Birmingham University, Characterisation and assessment of edible particles for use in Pickering emulsion systems
2. Thomas Hazlehurst Leeds University, Ultrasound characterisation of bi-disperse particulate sedimentation in a pipe
3. Zhongliang Hu Leeds University, Nanoparticle transport for subsurface applications
4. Daniel Rathbone Imperial College, Development of an elastic-plastic force-displacement model for discrete element simulations
5. Sandra Chauruka Leeds University, Effect of Mill Type of Size Reduction and Phase Transformation of Gamma Alumina
6. Xi Yu Aston University, Inter-particle force and stress models for dry particulate flow in a bubbling fluidized bed
7. Serena Morelli Loughborough University, Crosslinked poly (vinyl alcohol) microparticles for controlled drugs release produced by membrane emulsification
8. Jianyi Zhang Surrey University, Characterization of bulk density distribution of roll-compacted ribbons using terahertz pulsed imaging
9. David Slade Process Systems Enterprise Ltd, Development of a hybrid CFD-population balance approach to modelling co- and counter-current spray dryers
10. Matthew Bryan Cambridge University, Elucidating extrusion-spheronisation of pharmaceutical pastes
11. Mohammed F. Saleh Sheffield University, Continuous Wet Granulation: Online monitoring the effect of Binder Delivery
12. Yunan Peng Cambridge University, Ultra-fast MRI of liquid jetting through a granular bed
In addition, the folowing posters will be displayed and are eligible for the poster prizes:
13. Adeola Grace Olugbenga Leeds University, Measuring Stress Transmissions in Opaque Cementitious Particulate Materials
14. Chalak Omar Sheffield University, Roller compaction: Reducing the percentage of fines in the product using lactose powders at different relative humidities
15. Charlotte Levy Plymouth University, A Unique Zero Length Cell (ZLC) Approach to Investigate the Controlled Release of Drugs and Flavours from Nanoporous Particles: Exemplified by Functionalised Calcium Carbonates (FCCs)
16. Chuan Li Birmingham University, Thermal energy storage based on composite phase change materials: linking materials properties to system performance
17. Ekanem Ekanem Loughborough University, Microparticles production for drug delivery using glass using glass microfluidic devices
18. Emma Ireland Sheffield University, Pulsed flow fluidisation: increasing mixing of powders in a modified fluidised bed
19. Hui Cao Leeds University, Simulating the Convective Dissolution Behavior of Sodium Carbonate Particle by Lattice Boltzmann Method
20. Jahn, Niklas Imperial College, Towards stable amorphous bio-­‐formulations: modeling the protein-water system
21. James Manchisi Birmingham University, Use of Slag Materials as Sustainable Adsorbents to Treat Waste Streams
22. Martin Riley Birmingham University, Effect of Grinding Media Density in a Stirred Media Mill
23. Raza Ghulam Leeds University, Transport of TiO2 nanoparticles through artificial and natural porous media
24. Riyadh Al-Asady Sheffield University, Roller compactor: the effect of nano-scale mechanical property of a single primary particle
25. Rodrigo Guadarrama-Lara Leeds University, Algorithm implementation for coupled DEM-LBM simulations of fluid-structure interactions
26. Selasi Dogbe Leeds University, Simulation of a Spiral Jet Mill
27. Suzanne Pinkney Birmingham University, Resident Time Distributions in Stirred Media Mills
28. Xi Yu Aston University, Simulation of slightly wet suspension in a bubbling fluidized bed
29. Yunan Peng Cambridge University, Modelling liquid jetting in granular dispersion
30. Babatunde Arowosola Leeds University, Simulations of particulate flow under low gravitational environments
31. Simone Loreti Surrey University, DEM Modelling of fragmentation of pharmaceutical ribbons during impact
32. Ado Farsi Imperial College, Numerical Simulations of Particle Stress and Fracture using FEMDEM
33. Mehrdad Pasha Leeds University, Discrete Element Analysis of Particle Motion in a Seed Coater
34. Serena Schiano Surrey University, The impact of roll compaction on the proprieties of pharmaceutical granules

The PTF12 Committee would like to thank our sponsors for funding the prizes.


The poster competition, will take place in Weston Room 3 of The Manchester Conference Centre, close to the exhibition area where the tea, coffee and other refreshements are located.