Provisional Programme

Please note that the programme below is provisional and may yet be subject to change.

Tuesday 16th September, 2014

12.00 Registration, poster fixing and Buffet Lunch Conference Centre
13.10 Plenary tallk Pioneer Theatre
Professor Timothy Leighton: Bubble acoustics  
14.00 Oral presentations in conjunction with PSA2014 Leader Suite
14.00 Colin Hare: Dynamic Analysis of the FT4 Powder Rheometer Leader Suite
14.25 Jon Dodds: Non-Active Slurry Transport Test Rig to Direct Post Operative Cleanout Operations (POCO) Strategy Leader Suite
14.50 Tim Freeman: The Influence of Ambient Moisture and Time on Powder Flow Characteristics Leader Suite
15.15 Coffee and posters Pioneer Room
15.45 Plenary tallk Pioneer Theatre
Alan Rawle: TLA*s and the 4Qs in relation to elucidation of particle sizing issues (*Three-letter acronyms)  
16.35 Zilin Yan: Parameterisation of DEM Simulations: A Statistical Analysis Leader Suite
17.00 Poster Elevator pitches Leader Suite
18.00 Poster Exhibition Pioneer Room
20.00 Conference Dinner Free Trade Hall (Radisson)

Wednesday 17th September

08.50 Plenary tallk Pioneer Theatre
Paola Lettieri: Measuring What Matters: Integrating fluidization, rheological and imaging studies of gas-solid systems  
  The Young Researcher Award Competition Entries:  
09.40 Mohammed Afkhami: Particle Agglomeration and Dispersion in Fully-Coupled Turbulent Channel Flow using Large Eddy Simulation and Discrete Element Method Pioneer Theatre
10.05 Kok Foong Lee: Multi-compartment population balance model for a granulation process Pioneer Theatre
10.30 Pedro Silva: Oscillating Membrane Emulsification for Controlled Particle Production Pioneer Theatre
10.55 Coffee and posters Pioneer Room
11.20 Arthi Rajkumar: Tablet disintegration and dissolution using a novel on-line particle imaging approach Pioneer Theatre
11.45 Huolong Liu: Modeling and Control of Batch Pulsed Top-spray Fluidized bed Granulation Based on One-dimensional Population Balance Model Pioneer Theatre
12.10 Tomer Lapidot: Heat Exchanger Fouling Mitigation via Silica Particles Pioneer Theatre
12.35 Lunch and poster take down Pioneer Room
13.10 Plenary tallk Pioneer Theatre
Ricky Wildman:Making it flow, making it stick, making it strong: Rheological aspects of multimaterial 3D Printing  
14.00 Workshop Pioneer Theatre
15.00 Young Researcher Award and other prizes; Conference Closing Remarks Pioneer Theatre